Grammar class survival strategy.

I call it shroom mode.  I lean back in my desk chair, feet propped somewhere if possible.  I might be holding my pen, in which case it naturally makes its way to my mouth and I start chewing on it.  If not, I fold my arms loosely, or put my hands in my pockets.  Commence staring at random place– desk, coffee cup, wall, someone’s back, etc.  It doesn’t matter where I stare, because soon my eyes will lose their focus anyway.  And this is where it gets good.  I’ve stopped listening to the lecture; I’ve blocked my immediate surroundings from my senses, I barely realize my classmates.  And my mind just wanders.  I think about who I’m going to see over the weekend; what I’m going to eat when I get home; where I want to go; where I’ve been; if I’m ever going to make money; if people will ever know my name; what I’m going to be like when I am old; if I’ll get married; what my hypothetical wedding dress will look like; if I should bother to reproduce; what my own child would be like; what the world’s population will be like in ten years; the end of the world; sleeping; the beach; sleeping on the beach; laying in the sun; a hot shower; shower sex; sex with my boyfriend; sex in strange places; sex with a stranger; sex with a co-worker; which celebrities I would have sex with; yep, mostly sex…

And people complain of boredom in class.



~ by rabbit on April 15, 2009.

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