Panty waist.

I’ve seen my dad do this.  I’ve seen one of my professors do this.  And plenty of old men in general.  They tuck their T-shirts into their underwear.  I see the waist-band showing and shake my head, wondering why it’s not good enough to just tuck the shirt into the pants, and save themselves from possibly having their milk money stolen, or getting a wedgie.  Who taught them to do this?  Doesn’t that feel weird?  I know that I generally like to keep things out of my undies (unless someone’s hand is granted permission) because I think of them as my last protective layer between me and the outside world.  It just seems counter-intuitive.

Practicality aside, what about style?  Is this undies-sighting much different from younger generations wearing their pants sub-ass-crack?  Or a girl wearing low-waist pants with her g-string (and muffin top)?  I don’t think my dad or my professor intended to show off their Hanes.  But I don’t think that makes the situation any better.  Frankly, I’m not sure if I agree with the blatant exhibition of one’s undergarments, intentional or not (except bra straps in some cases).  Something should cover them up– either the pants or the shirt.  Sure, if you bend or stretch and there’s a peak, that can be appealing (assuming you yourself are appealing; though really, the more I see, the less I care.)  But otherwise, shouldn’t undergarments remain underneath the outerwear?  I checked a few sources.  In other words, I Googled it.  GQ says no.  They even give the origin of the term “panty waist”.  Some random forums say no.  I say no.  So what the hell.  The only reason to tuck a shirt into your underwear is if it is an undershirt, and you are wearing a dress shirt over it, tucked into your pants, to prevent bunching up of the shirts.  A la little white boys and their daddies from the fifties.  And I say this is valid assuming you’re not planning on getting laid, because if someone sees that… yeah.

It makes me sad.


~ by rabbit on April 24, 2009.

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