Cupcakes- now with B vitamins and Lycopene!

So a while ago, my friend Abby, Henry and I tried a recipe for Sweet Pea Cupcakes from Vanilla Garlic (Garrett’s a genius).  I topped them with a lemon-pepper icing.  They were pretty rockin’.  (The kitty was pretty cool too.)

Swee'peas and kitty 2

Then Henry recently had some crazy-ass idea to make marbled tomato and sweet pea cupcakes.  It’s times like this when I remember why I’m with him.  Despite the flatulence.

I’ve seen recipes for tomato cakes– some made with condensed tomato soup, some with chopped green tomatoes— so the idea of a tomato cupcake was not particularly crazy to me.  But the thought of combining the red and green, the sweetly savory, the vegetable-fruit and legume– in dessert form!– that’s what lit up my eyes.  ::Sighs with hearts in eyes::

So I used Garrett’s recipe for the Sweet Pea Cupcakes, but made a few adjustments.  For one, I veganized it, because that’s how I roll with baked goods.  Secondly, I made the batter without any pureed peas, and separated it into two bowls.  To one bowl I added half the amount of peas, and to the other bowl, a small can of tomato paste.  And then I ate a little bit of the tomato paste from the can, and that’s always a little weird.


I know, the tomato batter looks like mashed sweet potatoes.  Then I spooned that shit into the muffin tins.

Invisible Spoonage

Veg Cakes Pre-Oven

(We had to have some variety.  And we wanted to see how the tomato cupcake tasted on its own.)

The cupcakes baked.  Time passed slowly.  Minutes felt like prehistoric periods.  I washed dishes.  Henry ate food from my fridge.

Finally, they were done:

Mmm Diversity

Ooooh.  Aaaah.  Sexy.

I made two frostings: the tried and true lemon-pepper, and a white chocolate-basil.  Both are stupid-delicious, and pair very well with the cakes– preferably the tomato with white chocolate-basil and the sweet pea with lemon-pepper, for the contrasts each duo creates.

How did they taste overall?  Mmmmm.  The sweet pea, which we were already familiar with, has a soft, almost delicate flavor.  I find sweets like these that are based on beans/legumes (adzuki, soy yogurt, soymilk, etc.) have a malty kind of flavor to them, which I’m guessing is a result of the natural starchiness.  I like it, personally.  The tomato cake part was tangy and slightly savory, but not in a way that denies its cupcake-ism.  It had some Wow to it.  Very enjoyable.  I’m glad we used tomato paste, probably the most concentrated form of tomato available.  And with that white chocolate-basil frosting… Jebus.

Eat Yer Veg for Dessert!

Smile for Sweet Pea and Tomato Cupcakes!

With Love from Pumpkin and Eggplant


~ by rabbit on May 8, 2009.

One Response to “Cupcakes- now with B vitamins and Lycopene!”

  1. Frigging Awesome! Never thought to make a marbeled cupcake! Way to go! I may have to take a crank at the tomato one myself. =)

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