The Many Wonders of Starbucks Employment. Issue 2.

We live in an age of multi-tasking, my friends.  Our senses are loaded, every waking hour of the day– so it is for me, the cashier/barista, and for you, the customer; the lined up crowd, the whir of the blenders, the hiss and screech of steaming milk, orders being called back and forth, the smell of corporate caffeine in the air… and you, on your cell phone, ignoring me while I try to help you.  Things are hectic, I understand.  You have work, school, and  apparently some friend of yours is visiting but you don’t have time to entertain him, and gawd, life is just ugh!

But it’s okay, because, well, I don’t care.  Nope.  Not.  A.  Shit.

So here’s what you’re gonna do: stop standing there in front of the register, staring blankly at the menu while you’re on the phone and people wait behind you.  Tell your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, Mom, Grandma, whoever you’re talking to, to hold on for fifteen seconds.  Tell me what the hell you want, and give me your money.  It’s really that simple.  I swear.  And when you’re done with that, listen for your drink, or we will eventually throw it out while your oblivious ass is still waiting for it because you did not hear the first, second, third, and tenth time we called it out.

Exercise your division of attention!



~ by rabbit on May 11, 2009.

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