Dear Marlboro…

I was hangin’ with my ginger friend recently, who happens to smoke your Light cigarettes, because he’s studying to be in the medical profession.  I do not smoke (tobacco), but I spent about five minutes with the pack to my nose.  Marlboro Men and Women, your cigarettes smell like raisins!  I love raisins!  But they do not taste like raisins!  WTF? Are you stupid?  I would be so much more convinced to get emphysema if the path tasted like raisins and not like burnt misery!  Hookah and cloves may taste like Fruity Pebbles from hell, but at least the scent kinda matches.  No wonder tobacco smokers always look angry while smoking– they’re addicted to lies!  Just think of all the children you’ve lost in your campaign!  For shame, Marlboro, for shame.

Bite me,

The customer you’ll never have!


~ by rabbit on October 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dear Marlboro…”

  1. Your Ginger friend is pretty damn cute!@

  2. […] If anyone actually reads this blog, he/she/it may recall that I don’t even smoke cigarettes.  But I happen to find the smoking-ban… just… dumb.  For one, the people of the […]

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