But he had a neat hat…

I know, Conscience, I never write anymore.  It’s not my fault.  I moved, like, two months ago.  I got a new job and I’m working more hours and I’m running around between the United States and the Republic of Miami, and I hate math and Haagen Dazs keeps giving me coupons for a dollar off and I really love the Peppermint Dazzler (I don’t even like peppermint that much, but white chocolate ice cream with peppermint bark, then topped with hot fudge and Oreo pieces and whipped cream– WTF???).  Shut the fuck up.


So while driving in rush hour yesterday I saw an obese man on the sidewalk, in a wheel chair, maneuvering himself backwards with his feet– a la the Flintstones, but in reverse.  Whuh?  He had a white beard and glasses.  He wore a yellow button-down shirt, and a neat little hat, like a straw fedora with a black and white striped band.  So many questions entered my mind.  Why is he peddling himself backwards?  Where’s he going?  What health conditions does he harbor?  How did he get to that point?  Does he have friends and/or family?  Where did he get that hat?

(Oh god I just squished a bug and I feel reeaaallly guilty…)

Anywho.  It was just one of those sights that doesn’t quite surprise you, yet how it makes you wonder.  It must be a western response because I’m sure if a little Sudanese boy saw something like that, he would just think he was hallucinating because with everything we (supposedly) have here, such a sight is fucking ridiculous.  I didn’t know whether to feel pity, to reflect on our country’s health issues, to surmise that he must be an eccentric dude, or stop looking and think about kittens and cupcakes.  As an ostensible liberal and vegetarian, how concerned am I (or is anyone) supposed to be about others and the state of the world?  Where’s the line between Darwinian pragmaticism and Jesus-like bleeding-heart compassion?


Oooh, lolcats.  Bye.


~ by rabbit on December 17, 2009.

One Response to “But he had a neat hat…”

  1. Love the whole leaving-your-reader-with-a-question-or-two-to-ponder thing.

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