Dear Statistics (and post-secondary-education math in general),

Why do you always do this to me?  What have I done, or not done, to make you so volatile?   I know we’re different– you like logic and long walks along quadrants, and I do literary analysis on Disney movies… late at night… while drowning my sorrows… because you never give me a chance! I thought we could  understand each other, Math!  And so many times, I’ve thought I had you figured out, only to be shot down when it matters most.  You know, I’m only with you because it’s a core curriculum requirement.  Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about you either, but I thought we might be friends in the end– work together, have a few laughs out of my mathematical handicap, I earn a C in the class, graduate, and that’s it.  Maybe be friends on Facebook too, I dunno.  I never wanted to pressure you into anything.  I was just hoping for a symbiotic relationship– I give you the numbers you want, I get the grades I need.  What’s wrong with that?   Do I embarrass you?  Am I asymmetrical or something?  Damnit, Math.  You just don’t care, do you?

I’m going to go open another bottle.  Call me when you decide to stop being a bitch.



~ by rabbit on March 4, 2010.

One Response to “Dear Statistics (and post-secondary-education math in general),”

  1. If I were your curriculum subject, I WOULD treat you right, girl.

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