Blood, sweat and tea

When you work for a chain that sells tea and tea accessories, there are certain very likely factors that will occur…

1) A sway to the left.  Because there is usually a correlation between the consumption of tea and “progressive” “white” “culture”.

2) Tattoos.  Ink and a cup of tea?  Most badass juxtaposition. Ever. (Besides turtles with ninja skills).

3) Consumption of non-FDA-approved “tea”.  See factor #1.  Also because… I mean… duh.

4) ESTROGEN.  Lots of estrogen…

We currently have nine employees, only one of which is a male, and before long he too will become female by osmosis.  Little did I know that this past weekend all our ovaries were conversing…

“OooMG.  I want pizza.”

“It’s too hot in here.”

“Fuck. This.”


“You’re fired!”

And somewhere in between, I seem to have suffered some uterine peer pressure.  After Sunday’s meeting and carbohydrate-laden potluck, my internal teapot decided to shout and pour out.  (sigh)  But it’s okay.  You know what’s delicious?  Pouring milk over a bowl of cookies.  I know, shut up.


~ by rabbit on June 29, 2010.

One Response to “Blood, sweat and tea”

  1. Haha . . so that male employee is now one of the girls?

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