I feel the same way… I think.

Quote of the month:

“If my family hadn’t bought that ice cream, I would’ve put my dick in it.”

Blue Bell Ice Cream is obviously doing something right.

Carry on.


~ by rabbit on August 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “I feel the same way… I think.”

  1. Hi, I didn’t mean to be offensive. I just wanted to share my sense of humor with you. I welcome your mockery, but more than anything, I will be happy to exchange kindness with you. I think you’re a nice girl, and you’ve caught my attention for years. You’ve always made me wonder if you knew something more than I did. You probably have a hunch at who I am, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a positive challenge and to see if you can provide helpful insight. There’s this girl who lives near me, as with all girls with whom I’ve grown fond. Her name’s Mariana. She’s a petite, pale-white, brunette, with pointy nose and honey-colored eyes. In short, she’s very pretty. She’s smart, too. She studies engineering. I have pictures. I emailed them to you. Perhaps her beauty will inspire you to help me. In grattitude, I am here for anything you need. The deal is that I hardly ever get to see her. I’ve been doing retarded things that have caught her attention, but for the worst. I made numerous Facebook profiles posing as non-existent people. I’ve been persistently poking her and making friend-requests. Last time I saw her at a reunion, she looked straight at me with what appeared to be disgust. She’s also a little over 4 years younger than me. A lot of things are against me here, but it would be nothing short of pure joy if I could be her closest companion. How do I overcome the difficulties that have arisen between us? What do I need to say or do? Please help me, Sylvia. With love and sincerity, ~Your not-so-secret admirer and companion.

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