I’m sorry.

I’m so, so… sorry.  I didn’t mean to neglect you.  And you, and you, and you.  Whoever reads this.  Poor bastards.  You’re like the children of Sudan.  Okay, no, that was bad.

Good lawdee, it’s been almost a year.  Wanna know what I’ve been doing?  I know you don’t, but shut up.

Well, first, I was working two jobs.  Both had their perks,  but then I had to go with the one where I was working from 6am to 3pm or later, on my feet all day, not giving myself a break, all because I am insane.  It was fun, though.  Can’t complain when your boss gets you drunk on a regular basis.<3<3<3

What else, what else… lots of fun happenings.  I saw Paul McCartney, Neil Young, and Roger Waters (good music year).  I’m going to have a sister-in-law come next March (woot!).  I received my first lewd text message(s)/photo and was thoroughly unimpressed.  I went to Key West during Spring Break and actually found parking.  I smart-mouthed more customers… and then became unemployed (through no fault of my own!).  I threw up a few times.  I got a new gyno (good story there).  I made it through the rapture.  I started a new blog, which, sadly, contains some real, serious content.  I’m sorry.  And just now, I survived some really hot leftover Thai curry.  Got any dragons that need slaying?

So there’s a summary.  I’ll tell you stories later, but I just wanted to let all the crickets know I’m still here.

Mmmm, that curry was good.  My colon loves me.


~ by rabbit on June 15, 2011.

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